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5 reasons #Fidodarts should be in your pub!

#FidoDarts is the Electronic Darts game taking the pub scene by storm. It's popping up in entertainment venues around the country and you and your pub can also benefit from this fabulously fun pub entertainment.

So, we know it's massively popular, it's an exciting new craze that loads of people want to try, but what other reasons should you consider when deciding if your pub needs #Fidodarts?

5 Great Reasons Why Your Pub Needs #Fidodarts

1. Offer something new and exciting!

Keep ahead of your competitors by offering something completely new and different. #Fidodarts includes a range of interactive games from Snakes and Ladders, Cricket, Bingo and Battleships, attracting and entertaining a wide range of players. Your customers will soon be telling their friends what a great night out they had, playing #Fidodarts at your venue.

2. Keep your regulars happy

Offering an exciting new game like #Fidodarts is the perfect way to keep you existing customers happy. They will be dying to try the latest in pub entertainment and it may encourage them to stay for longer and try out this new craze.

3. Fed and watered!

Playing darts can be hungry work! :-) While your customers are happy and entertained, make sure you look after them well. Ensure you have all your food and drinks menus to hand and any special offers displayed near your #Fidodarts board.

4. Dart’s is one of the trendiest sports around!

Darts has seen a massive increase in popularity, particularly since Grand Slam and PDC World Darts coverage on Sky Sports. Over recent years, dart's has grown in popularity with the younger generation. Younger darts celebrities are now taking centre-stage like Fallon Sherrock, Nathan Aspinal, Keegan Brown and Luke Humpries.

5. Accessible to everyone

#Fidodarts is accessible to all ages, from your millennials to your golden oldies. It’s popular with both men and women and whether you're a darts fan or not – you’ll still love #Fidodarts!

Don't miss this great opportunity!

Make 2022 your best year yet, start offering #Fidodarts and watch your bottomline soar! Email or call 07919 054 146 to arrange a demo.


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