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Simply the best selling pool table on the market. Quality design and build means it will last for years. Create you own bespoke table from a wide range of wood effects and cloth colours.

Interested in buying one of our Supreme Winner Pool Tables? 


The supreme winner pool table

Why the Supreme Winner Pool Table is such a popular choice with both club owners and landlords:

  • Smart stylish design

  • Built to exacting standards

  • League standard game play

  • Trusted by the professionals

  • Wide range of quality finishes

  • Choice of cloth colour

  • Finishes to suit all decor

  • Quality cabinet built to last

  • Professional design and build

  • We assemble it for you

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Start creating your own bespoke, custom built pool table, today!


6FT Pool Table

  • 1883 long x 1109 wide x 835mm high

  • Depth of cabinet – 410mm

  • Slate size – 1676 x 902mm

  • Playing area – 1600 x 826mm

  • Weight – Freeplay 182 kilos

  • Weight – Coin operated 193 kilos

7FT Pool Table

  • 2113 long x 1197 wide x 835mm high

  • Depth of cabinet – 410mm

  • Slate size – 1905 x 990mm

  • Playing area – 1829 x 914mm

  • Weight – Freeplay 217 kilos

  • Weight – Coin operated 230 kilos

Adjustable legs enable easy levelling

choose from coin operated or free play

innovative Supreme logo corners

game play


Industry-leading Accessories Package All Completely FREE!

  • 6 trade quality Ramin cues with 11mm screw on cue tips with rubber butt ends. 

  • IQ spots & stripes 2” ball set with 1 7/8” cue ball

  • Aramith reds & yellows pool ball set – the leading pool balls from the Belgium Saluc company. 15 x 2” balls with 1 7/8” cue ball

  • Black plastic triangle for 15 x 2” balls (also used for racking the 10 reds in snooker)

  • 9 ball black plastic triangle – play the classic 9 ball spots and stripes game (or why not play your game of 9 ball using reds and yellows or blues & reds?)

  • Brush – essential for cloth maintenance

  • 2 piece, 6 cue wall mount cue rack — enables 6 cues to be stored upright

  • Trade quality green chalks

Purchase Your Supreme Winner Pool Table TODAY!

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