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Exciting launch of our new website and branding!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Heddleworth Amusements Ltd are proud to announce the official launch of their brand new website.

Which Games Cabinet is best for us?

Heddleworth have two top of the range options when it comes to gaming cabinets. Using advanced technology, affordable with a sleek design that looks smart in any pub or venue, it can be difficult to know which machine offers the best return and will look best in your specific location. Don't worry, our friendly team can advise you on the best option and tailor the complementary games packs to meet your customers tastes and your revenue requirements.

Keep up to date with all the latest Games Packs!

Make sure you're offering your customer to play and win prizes on the most exciting games available in the coin op market.

Never miss out!

Make sure to follow Heddleworth on Instagram and never miss out on their latest news updates!

We can advise you on the best, profit making games for your pub or club.

If you're interested in generating more revenue for your venue, please get in touch with our friendly, experienced team. We will be happy to explain what your options are and give you some estimates on how much income your could be missing out on!


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